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Retailure by MAX.

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We provide exclusive guidance for retail and leisure formulas so that your expansion can spread throughout Europe.

If you are interested in a personal and down-to-earth collaboration, we cordially invite you to an introductory meeting. Retailure by MAX. can immediately explain what we can do for you based on your wishes and location requirements. Our working method is result-oriented, with our own style and always tailor-made for every client.

We believe in a strong relationship with our clients. Reliability, integrity and courage ensure that opportunities – if requested – can easily be converted into the best deals for our clients.

Our working method is characterised by responding quickly and appropriately. Retailure by MAX., Marcel Schuurman, has built up a large network over the years. This network consists of reliable and qualified parties such as real-estate investors, property and pension funds, municipalities, national and international retail and leisure organisations, project developers and non-profit organisations. Our professional and down-to-earth collaborative style allows us to respond quickly to your request. We are a no-nonsense company and gladly take on the commitment with you. We also prefer long-term relationships to a quick deal.

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